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The rebels of Inhun High all met when they were 16.

" yelled Hebe then she runs away with tears falling down her cheeks.

After living in Hsinchu for eighteen years, Hebe moved to Taipei after she was signed as a singer.

Dear Gay People, Unlike Hollywood celebrities, not many Asian celebrities have dared to publicly support the LGBT community.

This story depicts the lives of Dara, a lowborn girl who, after having lost her mother to an unjust death, is more than eager to take revenge and King Jiyong of Joseon, who will have the misfortune of falling for his enemy. After that incident, he never wants to fall in lov Here's a Bebu story starring Arron Yan and Hebe Tian, obviously. Credits to shin-oppa from We Got Fired for the beautiful poster and background. I have a new life to start now get out my life yelled Aaron. Yet in the midst of youth, there were many secrets they kept from each other. 12 years later, Xiumin begins to see Jae Hwa who is also in the form of a 28 year old woman in his home. Byun Jae Hwa died in a hit and run and ever since then, they all split up.

A new story inspired by TVB's 'Catch Me Now' with Aaron leading a group of Peacemakers. I hope the contents will be interesting and that readers (if I do have any) would enjoy it. When they al Seven friends, Xiumin, Kris, Luhan, Nam Joo, Nana, Hebe, and Byun Jae Hwa (OC) met in high school and had been the best of friends. Hebe Tain and Arron Yan were best friend when they were little.

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Name: 賀軍翔 / 贺军翔 / He Jun Xiang / Mike He Nickname: 賀小美/ Xiao Mei Date of Birth: 28 December 1983 Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan Height: 180cm Weight: 66kg Star Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: B Family Members: Father, mother, younger brother, younger sister Profession: Model and Actor Favorite collection: Sunglasses Favorite Sport: Basketball, volleyball and boxing Favorite Colors: Black, white, and blue Favorite Food: Milk,chocolate and Steak Favorite cartoon character: Doraemon Favorite actor: Ekin Cheng and Takeshi Kaneshiro Favorite actress: Liv Taylor and Charlize Theron Favorite movie: James Bond 007 series Favorite music: Country jazz rock and pop Favorite singer: Areosmith Favorite line: "True or not?

Like some girls without their long luscious locks, JJ feels unconfident without his fringe.

Now we know star power does not necessarily equate to confidence.

If this were an actual movie, I know I would watch it but rather than oohing and aahing over the spectacular visuals, I am more hyped about Hebe lending her soulful voice to sing a much-loved classic.

Believe me, I wasn't exactly a fan of Jing Boran but for this music video, they were both perfect.