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Litter Fraser’s heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas and intestines were all donated to critically ill patients.His eyes, skin and bone marrow could be used in the future to help others, too, she said.Anna and Stuart Bates have a 3-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, who is staying with other relatives as the grieving mother makes funeral arraignments for her beloved son and husband. After his death, supporters took up the cause for him, raising more than ,000 on his online fundraising page in his honor.FORGET the image of the Welsh being hot-blooded lovers.You can choose from tours which involve being driven right up to the sites or, for the more active of our clients, our “drive, walk and explore” tours, which involve walks of up to one hour in a number of inspiring locations amid mountains, beaches, lakes and woods.In each case, you will hear in full from your guide the magical stories that have been woven through our long history.But once in the throes of passion, Welshmen are more like donkeys than stallions. A poll to mark National Men's Health Week shows men in Wales have the highest rate in Britain for thinking they are failures between the sheets.

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have entered into the spirit of the Wales Year of Legends by creating a series of tours for you to journey into this mystical corner of the world.

An amazing 88 per cent admit there is "room for improvement" - the highest anywhere.

To make matters worse, a third of our men admitted to suffering sexual problems, compared to only 20 per cent in the rest of Britain, in the survey for Men's Health magazine.

You need only bring your imagination., the mysterious Ugly house.

We turn back to travel along the South of Snowdon, to see and learn about the sites associated with Arthur on the slopes of the mountain.