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To better say Maltese are mostly Sicilians colonizers (in muslim times) with some other influences, probably is due to pre-Roman antiquity that we were mostly Greek local tribes (and two Punic settlements) while Malta was mostly Punic with minor Greek and probably some pre-Punic population who was probably some sort of tribe related to Sicani, Siculi or Elimi.

I thought this book was fantastically researched, well written, and interesting.Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line, if you're at all interested in factory/assembly line work, with some funny looks at management.It's set in the 80's, but I don't think things have changed much.Also about the 1992 election, Mad As Hell: Revolt At The Ballot Box, by Jack Germond and Jules Whitcover.According to a recent study "The Genetic Heritage of the Maltese Islands: A MATRILINEAL PERSPECTIVE" published in 2016 : https:// ILINEAL_PERSPECTIVE African mt Dna L haplogroups were found at a high rate of 15.9 % (21/132) in Malta.