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However, such complaints are usually a sign that communication has fractured somewhere along the way.

So, in this third article of my series on communication, we're going to focus on the art of listening.

Casinos and the Las Vegas strip have an above 50% survival rate of cardiac events due to the greater availability of AEDs.

Moms and dads reassure their little ones that they will be back for them, even though most parents feel in the pit of their stomachs that they’re kind of abandoning them — especially if it’s their first kid and/or only one.

I remember seeing parents and their kids dotting the campus in little intimate clumps, basically having the same conversation: “We’ll be back for you. Every 5-year-old’s nightmare, whether they can verbalize it or not, is that when they say goodbye to their parents, their parents disappear. No differentiation between “goodbye see you later” and “goodbye forever.” This nightmare came true for Stella. I’ve met plenty of adults who lost a parent very, very young.

Oder geben uns das Gefühl, wir hätten einen engen und persönlichen Freund verloren.

Als Gus Fring in Breaking Bad starb (für alle, die die großen Serien gerade streamen: dies ist nur der erste von VIELEN Spoilern, die hier gleich abgehen werden), war das schockierend, sicher.