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In the aftermath of my decision, as I sat sifting through ripped-up RSVPs, wedding favors and registry refunds, I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps I was missing that “bridal gene.”With this being the second wedding I've called off in less than two years, it seems I have my answer … A year ago, almost to the date, I had plans to be married abroad at a charming chateau in Europe.My fiancé and I had been together since college and our relationship had already taken on a lifetime of memories.Micron's winning bid in Elpida's bankruptcy auction has met with fresh resistance from a group of the troubled company's creditors.According to court papers filed in Japan over the weekend, Micron's .5 billion takeover offer now faces a much smaller bid from 20 of Elpida's bondholders, including New York hedge funds Linden Advisors and Owl Creek Asset Management.Her disappearance from Duluth, Georgia, sparked a nationwide search and intensive media coverage, including some media speculation that Mason had killed her.) absorbing rival memory maker Elpida, that lady just drew breath for a second verse.With her hair blowing effortlessly in the wind; the fall foliage is vibrant against her ivory gown, and her off-the-shoulder dress trails behind her.She finally strides up to her groom with ease and confidence and says, “I do.”When it came time to don my own ivory gown and tie the knot, I proved to be the real runaway bride, calling off my wedding just 11 days before the ceremony was to take place.

It's supposed to be more shocking when it's the woman who backs out to be free and single, or run away with another man.I had imagined wedding planning to be a movie montage of laughing girlfriends, vibrant bouquets and cake tastings.Instead, I felt overwhelmed and distant from the celebration, as if I was taking a back seat to my own life.If he is willing to stand by her, then he will have to be willing to accept responsibility for whatever comes from this.When I imagined myself getting married, ironically, I pictured that ending scene in “Runaway Bride” when Julia Roberts walks through the grassy field towards Richard Gere.