Nokia 6500 updating issues

After all, HMD isn’t Nokia or Microsoft, so let’s give them a chance.

With its Nokia 6500 classic, Nokia has produced an unashamedly elegant handset that's a mere 9.5mm thin but which packs in 1GB of internal memory and has 3G connectivity.

Nokia 6500 slide makes good use of its size with a screen of 2.2" diagonal, as opposed to the 2" display in the 6500 classic. It is surely among the best on the market in any conditions - from the darkest to the most brightly sunlit spots, Nokia 6500 slide offers great quality.

Neither backlighting, nor contrast is user-configurable. In the menu you can only set the phone's behavior in power-saving mode.

Putting in a new SIM card is an experience, and you may need to consult the manual on first try.The only similarity we could find on first blush is that they're both "style" phones based on a 3G platform.However, there is one finish that's used on both -- a (dreadly) piano-black keypad!It's an understated but elegant sliver of a design that avoids the flash attention grabbing of the Nokia 7500 Prism and the wallet-bruising price tag of the Nokia 8800 series.Note though: the candybar-style Nokia 6500 Classic shouldn't be confused with the Nokia 6500 Slide sliderphone.