Dating former student after graduation

Returning students who have been away from the University fewer than two quarters have the highest priority for readmission.

A student previously enrolled in an academic program with restricted enrollment and/or special admission requirements should consult his or her adviser about procedures for readmission into the same program.

If you have ongoing academic or collaborative research work following graduation, a faculty member may choose to extend your account by sponsoring you as a guest. Also note that upon graduation, your account affiliation will change from Student to MIT Affiliate.

If you are a graduating undergraduate, graduate, or medical student, you will receive an email describing what changes will occur to your Brown account, email, and other electronic services shortly before your graduation.

For help with your Brown account/services, contact the CIS IT Service Center via email ([email protected]), at 401-863-4357, or at helpchat.For Brunonia website login help, contact the Alumni Help Desk at [email protected] call 401-863-9662 Learn more about life after Brown on the Brunonia website.

If it has been more than 2 years since your last attendance at Boise State, you will need to reapply for admission.

In addition to your new application and Nonrefundable Application Fee or approved App Fee Waiver, submit any of the following relevant items (Boise State retains admission materials for five years after the last semester you attended classes): If you applied to graduate from Boise State with either an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, you can still continue to take courses at Boise State.