Cause and effect of internet dating

You decide for yourself if Tinder is ruining relationships … In an analysis of data from a nationally representative survey of more than 4,000 U. adults, Rosenfeld concludes that the Internet is beginning to displace old-school meeting places, like schools and churches, as a place for romantic introductions.

“If one believes that the health of society depends on the strength of the local traditional institutions of family, church, primary school, and neighborhood,” he writes, “then one might be reasonably concerned about the partial displacement of those traditional institutions by the Internet.” But aside from that, the news is all good: Rosenfeld found no differences in relationship quality or strength between couples who met online and couples who met off.

Online dating sites and apps have made dating so much easier and accessible for singles (and sometimes not so single people).

London (March 8, 2010) - There's no doubt that meeting partners on the Internet is a growing trend.

But can we trust the information that people provide about themselves via online dating services?

And why is depression so dissatisfying in relationships?

These two questions are explored in articles appearing in the latest issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, published by SAGE.