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DOI: Publication date: March 2013 We explored the relationship between Machiavellian personality, mate attraction strategies, and intimacy.

"I thought this would be good for me to help me get over this guy I was in love with, but this whole thing is making me think of him more enticingly," she tells Dowd-as-Boone, to which he responds, "Cool."When Boone confesses to James that he likes her, the sharp-tongued lead responds, "Of course you do. I'm freakin' dope."Jessica James is helmed by Jim Strouse, and also stars Master of None's Noël Wells and Get Out's Lakeith Stanfield.

Higher scores on Machiavellianism were associated with greater likelihood of using deceptive tactics and lower levels of relationship intimacy.

However, for women the relationship between Machiavellianism and deceptive strategies was moderated by the history of intimate behaviors.

I say potentially because we are not guaranteed a spouse in this life. I have had some unfortunate experiences in the past with guys that came around.

Thankfully, I learned a lot through those experiences, as well as through many hours of conversation with others much older and wiser than myself.