Average dating time before getting engaged

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They’ve just gotten married in a small London church but somehow have failed to notice that among their guests are three trumpet players, two flutists, three trombonists, and two saxophonists, all of whom pop up from the pews to join a string section, a choir, and the late Lynden David Hall singing “All You Need Is Love.” How is that possible?

Screenwriter and director Richard Curtis, actually. If you were alive and awake on July 29, 1981, you were probably one of the 750 million viewers who watched the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

Over the next decades, there would be countless images of the couple—together and separately; in the classiest fashions; in the cheesiest tabloids.

But if you are considering him as possible life-partner, it’s good to know what you’re getting into, so you can decide, very consciously, whether you want to wade into deeper levels of commitment with him.

Here are some questions to consider: Did he leave Was there infidelity? It’s good to know why they decided to split up and how the split went.