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(KTHV) -- A group of Arkansans are out hundreds and some thousands of dollars after a woman named Tracy Graf out of Collin County, Texas allegedly scammed them with a Carnival Cruise Line deal through Facebook.

Kim Mc Cauley said she vetted Graf before she signed up for the cruise so she thought it was safe.

However, the effortless Sunny look is a favorite for the 34-year-old.

Demi Lovato kicked things off with the National Anthem.

With beauty experts on hand to help shade match and provide tutorials, customers can get made up and head to the store’s photo booth — which is tucked away behind a secret door.

"One of my favorite restaurants in Paris has a secret closet door,” said Alba of the floor-length mirror that opens to a spacious, well-lit booth, “and there’s this back room and so I was like, ‘how do we incorporate something fun like that here?

’ And I love a photo booth.” See more The Top 25 Red Carpet Designers: Exclusive Portraits Of her three favorite products (which include the line’s mascara and Beauty award-winning primer), the Magic Balm is her must-have, carry-it-at-all-times product for makeup touch-ups, a quick highlight or swipe of gloss.

Beauty tips and tricks aside, however, Alba’s dedication to her company and building the business into a truly diverse and accessible line is at her core.