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Federal law does not prohibit discrimination based on sex, gender identity or sexual orientation in public accommodations.The majority of states (44 and the District of Columbia) prohibit discrimination based on sex in public accommodations.Otherwise, inclusive growth, health to each child, education to all, better infrastructure, free will, and human progress, would be just terms used in Utopic language of Economics.Hope, you all agree on this issue and will have discussion on it, in your, all important discussion.

If gender gap has to be reduced it must be reduced in Politics and Governing of every country.

For example, the “chilly climate” reported in science or engineering courses can be ameliorated without weakening the quality of instruction.

Courses similar to those Tobias studied can and are being reconfigured to meet a range of learning preferences, proving that the sciences are not isolated or impersonal disciplines, since outside of the classroom many projects are accomplished in teams.

Deepening and consistently implementing human rights instruments can be a powerful mechanism to motivate and mobilize governments, people and especially women themselves.

The Women and Gender Equity Knowledge Network focused on mechanisms, processes and actions that can be taken to reduce gender-based inequities in health by examining the following five areas: The Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India, were the co-hubs for Women and Gender Equity Knowledge Network, World Health Organization. The final report of the WGEKN identifies three sets of actions: (A) creating formal agreements, codes and laws to change norms that violate women’s human rights, and then implementing them; (B) adopting multi-level strategies to change norms including supporting women’s organisations; (C) working with boys and men to transform masculinist values and behaviour that harm women’s health and their own.